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Retour de Carte N° 72 de Michele Simon



J’aime l’Amitié par dessus tout.

Elle prend, elle donne, elle réconforte,

Elle supporte, elle tolère, elle rit,

Elle partage, elle croit, elle évolue

Mais rarement, elle meurt.

Elle n’est ni biologique, ni fatale !




3 réponses à to “Retour de Carte N° 72 de Michele Simon”

  • Yves:

    Oh! No, the impossible was to see return to the studio more than 250 cards, there is unfortunately no more than 130 that have been written and who have returned here. The aim was to achieve a web around the world and through these cards déclérations about love or friendship in order to give force to the work of the garden of love wood. But 130 returned cards is better than zero is not it!!

  • Yves:

    See you on Facebook or here Zakup

  • Yves:

    Thanks Zakup, I am not alone for this website. I answers your Friendly on Facebook Bye Bye

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